Digital Literacy Project (DLP) 

Staffed by a classified staff person who will support implementation of the program, who will develop and facilitate the process for laptop rentals, program orientations, workshop development and delivery, computer training, and technological support in collaboration with student mentors dedicated to this program and supporting the Office of Student Equity. The project will:

• Provide access to computers, skill-building workshops, and technical assistance that is not currently provided by the college.

• Close the digital divide for underserved students by improving their technical skills in the areas of computer literacy to improve course stu, retention and college completion.

• Provide computers and broadband access to student populations that are least able to afford them.

• Students will have access to hardware and technical support to ensure their success with the program

DLP Workshop Program: Students need both technological resources and in-person support in order successfully complete their coursework, and the DLP’s robust training program will be a requirement for those renting laptops. Workshops will be free to attend (and not credit-bearing). Eligible students will have the opportunity to earn badges for workshop completion and will be able to use these badges to pay for future computer rentals. In-person orientations must be completed by all first time renters. Laptops will be released at the end of orientation process. Workshops will be offered throughout the semester, and will focus on building on students’ strengths related to internet and social media usage and expand those skills toUse of Microsoft Office, Excel and applications that faciliate college success.