Office of Student Equity

Our Mission and Goals

The mission of the Office of Student Equity is to eradicate the achievement gap among all students at CCSF.

The primary goals of the Office of Student Equity will be to:

  • Support the integration of equity as a core planning value at all levels of the college.
  • Support all college stakeholders in developing interventions designed to close opportunity gaps
  • Build the capacity of college constituencies to access, analyze and track data

In addition, the Office of Student Equity will work closely with the Student Learning Outcomes committee of the Academic Senate and the Research and Planning Department to continue regular equity-themed data analysis sessions with faculty and staff, coaching groups and individuals about analysis of Student Learning Outcomes disaggregated by target populations as well as assisting faculty and staff with evaluation of achievement gaps in their departments and programs.

This increased capacity will improve access to and understanding of data, data systems and data analysis. In turn, the college community will increase skills and abilities related to data collection, data reporting and outcomes assessment.