Q&A About Transfer ADMISSION to the UC

1. Where can I find application, transfer and financial information for the UC?

Click here for everthing you need to know about applying to the University of California.

2. Does the UC require a language other than English for transfer admission as a junior?

The UC does not require completion of a language other than English for admission (i.e., to fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements for admission) as an upper division transfer student from the community college. However, specific colleges or programs at UC campuses may require a language other than English as part of their breadth or major requirements. Students who plan to complete IGETC to fulfill lower division GE requirements must complete a language other than English. See UC General Education.

3. If I fulfill these minimum requirements for admission will I be guaranteed admission to the UC campus of my choice?

Unfortunately, no. The University makes every effort to find a place on one of its campuses for all California residents who meet the minimum admission requirements and apply on time. In recent years, however, the number of applicants to many campuses and majors has greatly exceeded the spaces available. Consequently, students may not be accommodated at their first choice campus or major. Admitted students are generally the most competitive in the applicant pool. Students make themselves more competitive by being well prepared, completing as many lower division course requirements as possible and earning the highest grades possible.

4. But what about the UC commitment to accommodate all students who meet minimum UC eligibility requirements?

Mindful of its mission as a public institution, UC guarantees a place on one of its campuses to all eligible California residents who apply on time. Keep in mind, though, that competitive campuses and programs look for applicants who exceed the minimum requirements when they select their students. When campuses receive applications from more students than they can admit, they use a process called comprehensive review to make their selections.

When a campus has to choose among qualified students, it applies standards that are more demanding than the minimum requirements. Using the comprehensive review process, admissions officers look beyond the required test scores and grades to evaluate applicants' academic achievements in light of the opportunities available to them and the capacity each student demonstrates to contribute to the intellectual life of the campus. Because the applicant pool is different every year, the level of academic performance necessary will vary.


5. What general advice can you give me regarding planning for transfer to the UC?

    * Complete English and Math requirements as early as possible. If at all possible, complete these courses prior to applying.

    * While completing minimum admission requirements, focus on completing major preparation course work whenever possible.

    * For fall transfers, complete all courses by end of spring quarter prior to transfer.

    * Apply to several UC campuses (the filing fee is $60.00 per campus; fee waivers are available to those who qualify). The rate of acceptance increases significantly for students who apply to several UC campuses. More than 90 percent of students who apply to four or more campuses are admitted to one of their choices!

6. Which UC campuses offer Guaranteed Admission to City College students?

Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara & UC Santa Cruz. Go to Guaranteed Admission for guidelines, timelines and procedures to submit a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) contract.


Application Filing Periods:

All campuses except Berkeley and Merced

Fall Quarter
November 1-30
Winter Quarter July 1-31
Spring Quarter October 1-31
Berkeley Fall Semester
November 1-30
Merced Spring Semester
July 1-31
Fall Semester
November 1-30


Not all campuses or programs are open for winter and/or spring terms. Please check open/closed majors before applying.

Apply online at:
  Apply to UC

Additional guidelines and suggestions regarding the application available at the links below:
  UC Application for Transfer Students

  Personal Statement Prompts



Caution: The final responsibility for a successful transfer program rests with the student. This information changes frequently and can impact your admission to the university. It is highly advised that you meet periodically with counselors at City College AND advisors at the university to confirm your choice of classes and educational plan.

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Last update: November 2011