Single Stop USA

Your One Stop Source for Help at City College

About Us/Sobre Nosotros:

Single Stop is a non-profit organization set out to reduce poverty in the U.S.  We help students in City College of San Francisco receive basic necessesities such as (Food Stamps, Health care coverage, Cash assistance). We are another resource on campus to help deal with tight budgets and tough financial situations. 

Through the Single Stop office, students can receive comprehensive screening and application assistance to connect them to critical benefits they may be eligible for, but not necessarily accessing, including: health care, food assistance programs(Food Stamps), PG&E discounts, and more.  We can also help students with several other services such as low income Childcare, and legal referrals.

Benefits Screening/ Beneficio

We provide comprehensive screening for eligibility, application, and submission for multiple federal and local benefits programs.

Nosotros proporcionamos un exhaustivo chequeo para comprobar la eligibilidad, y si una persona califica, ayudarle a llenar la aplicación para alguna de los programas de beneficios federales o locales. 

  • Food Stamps (also known as CalFresh)
  • Health Coverage(MediCal, Healthy Families, Healthy San Francisco)
  • Cash Assistance(Calworks, GA, SSI, Unemployment)
  • Child Care Assitance(CEL List)
  • WIC(federally-funded health and nutrition program for women, infant and children)
  • PG&E Assistance(CARE program)
  • AT&T Lifeline, Muni Lifeline, Water/ SFPUC, CA vision, (DISCOUNTS/DESCUENTOS)