Homeless At-Risk Transitional Students Programs (HARTS)

Homeless At-Risk Transitional

Students Program (HARTS)

HARTS staff (from left to right: Alison Washington, William Michaeloff, Chris Shaeffer, Tina Esquer


The HARTS Program of City College of San Francisco, established 1992, is dedicated to creating paths out of poverty and homelessness by providing access, advocacy, resources, and support for homeless, formerly homeless, and at-risk students within the college, and for those potential students in similar situations who wish to return to the educational setting. Emphasis is on building partnerships designed to directly impact homelessness by linking the resources of City College to the broader community agencies and those of the agencies to City College.

HARTS Services

  1. Enrollment/Financial Aid Referrals and Assistance
  2. Academic Advising and Assistance
  3. Department of Human Services- Assistance and Referral
  4. HARTS Presentations at Agencies On Request
  5. Resource and Referral for all College Student Services
  6. Shelter/SRO/Program Resources and Referrals
  7. Discounted MUNI, BART/MUNI Monthly Pass
  8. Food Vouchers for Ocean Cafeteria
  9. Pacific Bell Scholarships
  10. Clothing Closet Avaiable on Request
  11. Peer Assistance and Advising
  12. Computers and Printer for Student Use
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