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Gateway To College

Gateway to College students

About us

Gateway to College is a program at City College of San Francisco that serves students between 16-20, who have dropped out of high school in San Francisco or may not graduate.

Students take courses that help earn credit towards their high school diploma and a college degree or certificate at the same time.

Gateway to College is for students who:

  • Are 16 - 20 years old
  • Live in San Francisco
  • Have dropped out of high school (behind in units for age and grade level to graduate)
  • Struggled with grades and attendance (GPA generally below 2.0)
  • Are READY and MOTIVATED to work towards their diploma and a college degree or certificate.

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4-step application process


Attend an Information Session in Science Hall Room 191

Wednesday, October 21, 3-5

Wednesday, November 4, 3-5pm

Wednesday, November 18, 3-5pm

Wednesday, December 2, 3-5pm

**All info sessions will be held in Science Hall Room 191**


STEP TWO:  Complete an application packet  

STEP THREE: Take the CCSF Placement Test.

STEP FOUR:  Participate in an individual interview.



Get what you need to be a successful student

Support for tuition and books

The program is free and covers costs including tuition, books and lunch (for those who qualify for free and reduced lunch)

Basic skills and college preparation

In addition to reading, writing and math, students take a college skills class to learn how to practice the habits needed to transform into successful college students.

A learning community

In their first term, students learn in a small community of peers. This builds their academic and personal skills, preparing them for college courses with the general student population.

A college experience

Students in the Gateway program take courses at City College of San Francisco’s main Ocean campus. All of the courses are taught by City College faculty.

Resources and support

College counselors guide students through the college experience to provide academic advising, life-skills training and career counseling.





Is Gateway to College right for me?

  • Yes, if you are determined to complete your high school diploma and continue on to college and are serious about completing your educational goals.


How do I get into the Gateway to College Program?

  • Attend a mandatory informational session and pass the Adult Placement Indicator, which is a 20 minute reading comprehension test.
  • Fill out an application for Gateway to College
  • Fill out an application for City College of San Francisco
  • Take the City College math and English placement tests
  • Interview with a Gateway to College Counselor


How long will I be in the Gateway to College Program?

  • Gateway to College is an early college experience, not a fast track to a high school diploma. Below is a sample of how long it will take a student to complete the Program.


If student currently has:                  Gateway to College Students will probably take:

100 credits or lower                                                 4-5 semesters

150 credits                                                                 3-4 semesters

200 credits                                                                 1-2 semesters


What will I receive from the Program?                

  • A high school diploma and college units leading to a degree or certificate


How do I qualify for the Gateway to College program?

  • Must be 16 to 20 years of Age
  • Must be able to complete your high school diploma requirements by age 21
  • Must be behind in high school credits or have dropped out of high school
  • Must commit to complete high school and college
  • Must pass a reading assessment at the information session


Will I have access to tutors or the same services that other CCSF students have?

  • Yes!  Gateway to College provides academic tutors, counselors and a wellness center in addition to services on campus.


How much do I have to pay for this program?

  • This program is paid through a scholarship that covers your tuition and books.
  • Students pay for their own transportation and supplies.


Will I be considered if I have special needs or an IEP?

  • You will be considered if you have special needs or an IEP. You must be able to pass the Adult Placement Indicator to enter the program.


Do I have to pay for parking?

  • Yes! Parking is $3.00 a day or $40 for the semester. Prices are subject to change at any time.