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The EOPS Program has a staff of student employees, tutors, outreach recruiters, administrative support staff, financial aid advisor, academic counselors, program assistant, and Director. The CCSF EOPS is under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Coria, Dean of Financial Aid & Student Success Programs.

  • Dr. Eliazer Ayala-Austin, Dept. Chair/Faculty Director, Counselor, 239-3440
  • Fatima Shah, Faculty Program Assistant/Counselor, 239-3234
  • Teresa Melendrez, Office Manager, 452-5009
  • Zarina Razak, Secretary, 239-3277
  • Marie "Christine" Finnegan, Receptionist/Appointment Clerk, 239-3562
  • Charles Moore, Outreach Developer/Recruiter (Part-time), 239-3075
  • Dr. Ramond Fong, Academic Counselor, 239-3496
  • Cindy Mata, Academic Counselor, 239-3846
  • Scott B. Lau, Academic Counselor, 239-3214
  • Adolfo Velasquez, Academic Counselor,  239-3610
  • Mabel Michelucci, Academic Counselor (Part-time), 239-3946