Academic Counseling Services

Specialized Programs:


1.    Concurrent Enrollment Program


2.    Counseling for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students


3.  Information about the CCSF Veterans Educational Benefits


Concurrent Enrollment Program UC

This program with CCSF and the University of California, Berkeley, provides qualified students the opportunity to enroll in one free UCB course. Eligible students must,  (1) have a 2.4 grade point average; (2) be eligible for, enrolled in, or have completed ENGL 1A and  (3) have completed 20 UC transferable units.  Students who have attended four-year colleges or universities are not eligible. During the semester of participation students must be enrolled in 12 units including the UCB course. Students may sigh up for this program for a total of two semesters. If you have questions please contact:

  Julie Harris     jharris@ccsf.edu    MU 39   239-3334   


Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Counseling

Educational, career and personal counseling is provided on the Ocean/PhelanCampus in Cloud Hall Room 207

The Queer Resource Center is located in BNGL 201 on the Ocean Campus. It provides access to a support system of peers and allies and strengthens the LGBTQQI community at CCSF.

Call contact:

Lindy McKnight    lmcknigh@ccsf.edu    239-3006     C207

Sarah Thompson  sthompso@ccsf.edu   239-3320     C207   

Monica McCarthy mmcarth@ccsf.edu     452-7302    C207


Veteran's Educational Transition Services (VETS)

Each veteran student will need to complete the matriculation process, starting with the on-line application for admission to City College of San Francisco (CCSF) found at www.ccsf.edu.

Appointment with the CCSF Veteran’s Counselor:

Students who are planning to use their veteran’s educational benefits at City College of San Francisco are required to make an appointment to see the CCSF Veterans Counselor by calling:

(415) 239-3486  VA Counselors Office in Cloud Hall Rm. 333.

Students should bring at least unofficial transcript(s) of prior college-level coursework to this counseling appointment pending official transcripts. This will allow the VA counselor to begin construction of an educational plan (required) as well as account for previous coursework (also required by the federal regulations of the Department of Veteran Affairs), again pending the receipt of official transcripts.

Veteran's Affairs Office