1. What is the difference between career and academic counseling?

Career counseling assist students and alumni in exploring their interests, personality preferences, skills and values to develop realistic career options that best fits their talents.

2. How does a career plan differ from an educational plan?

A career plan combines self-assessment, exploration and decision-making to launch the steps needed for career success.   It can be a life-long plan, through college and beyond. A career plan will assist you in completing an educational plan effectively. 

3. How can career counseling help me in deciding on a major?

Career counseling helps guide students and alumni through self-assessment, exploration, research and decision-making to find their career options and appropriate major.

4. What is career assessment and what resources does the Career Center provide students and alumni?

Career assessment is a battery of career tests that include interest surveys, personality inventories, skills assessments and values clarification.  These are provided free of charge at the Career Center or in CDC classes and workshops.

5. When is the Career Center open and how do I make an appointment to see a career counselor?

The Career Center is generally open from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday and closed on Friday.  Call 239-3117 to make an appointment or to verify hours.

6. How do I find a job on campus?

Most CCSF departments offer CCSF students on-campus opportunities.  To find these job announcements, students should first complete the student hiring eligibility for work-study or lab assistance found on the CCSF home page under Student Jobs.  The next step is to review the on-campus openings go to www.ccsf.edu/jobs and follow-up on potential openings.

7. Where do I find off-campus job information?

All off campus jobs are posted on the CCSF-AfterCollege Career Network at www.ccsf.edu/careeer. In addition, the Career Network offers students and alumni the ability to post their resume and create mentoring and network opportunities.

8. How can the Career Center help me with my job search?

The Career Center provides services and resources to assist students and alumni in preparing to seek employment.  Career counselors are available through individual and group counseling, workshops and classes to assist in resume writing, interviewing practice and job placement referrals. 

9. How does the Career Center assist international students?

Working closely with the CCSF International Student Counseling Department and the CCSF International Institute, CDC welcomes all international students to the Career Center where they can explore their career options and employment opportunities. 

10. How do the CRER classes help students and alumni?

The CRER classes are designed to provide students and alumni an opportunity to explore their career options, decide on a major, prepare for the job search and successfully transition from college to career.  The CDC offers both credit and noncredit courses.  Check our quick links to review the current semester offerings.