We are here to help potential, current, and former welfare recipients attending City College of San Francisco.

Funding for The Office of CalWORKs Education & Training comes from County, State and Federal agencies. The Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges provides administrative and fiscal oversight of community college CalWORKs programs.

The Office of CalWORKs Education & Training enjoys partnerships with:

San Francisco Human Services Agency(HSA)
On-Campus Departments and Services
Community Agencies


CalWORKs assists parents moving from welfare to work. The CalWORKs program provides education, training and support services, such as book and supply vouchers, transportation, childcare, assessment, counseling, and assistance with employment.

Our Goals

  • Counsel CalWORKs students to develop an educational plan consistent with their Welfare to Work Plan
  • Help CW students to be successful academically
  • Assist CW students to obtain employment
  • Inform students about the variety of City College of San Francisco programs
  • Support the development of relevant educational programs in expanding employment fields
  • Provide counseling, referrals and other services to eligible participants