Our orientation provides an overview of the key academic components necessary for student success.

Key components include:

  1. Academic Expectations and Progress Standards
  2. Priority Registration Requirements
  3. Pre and Core Requisite/Challenge Process
  4. BOG Waiver Eligibility
  5. Campus Programs and Resource Services
  6. Academic Calendar and Timeline
  7. Registration and College Fees
  8. Educational Planning and Counseling Services


CalWORKs students participate in two assessments

  1. Program Needs Assessment
  2. Job Readiness Assessment

Academic Counseling and Educational Planning

CalWORKs students are required to meet with a CalWORKs Counselor twice a semester to discuss academic performance and additional supportive services if needed. In these sessions, the following plans are developed.

Students are required to meet with a CalWORKs Counselor twice a semester.

  1. Abbreviated Educational Plan
    1. One year educational plans are created during the students first counseling appointment in the program.
  2. Comprehensive Educational Plan
    1. Two to three year educational plans are developed during the students second counseling appointment in the program.
  3. On going contact is required to ensure goal completion.

 Case Management and Follow Up

  1. Intake and Eligibilty Determination
  2. Student Case Filing
  3. On-going Contact: Supporting Student Success
  4. At Risk Follow Up
  5. Student Recognition