Academic Counseling Department (Conlan Hall & Centers)


new student counseling


Academic Counseling (Conlan Hall & Centers):Counselors provide orientation to students in both credit and non-credit who are new to the college; guide students in the development of their educational plan; lead students to essential support services; and assist students with personal concerns and the development of good study skills.  Counselors can assist students to discuss requirements for a certificate, degree, or transfer to a 4-year institution at the following campuses.   For more information or to make an appointment please call the number at the campus you are attending or plan to attend. (Directory Below)

You have a choice whether you want to see a counselor for an Appointment or for Drop-In counseling. You don't know how to decide? Click on the Appointment vs. Drop-in link above this paragraph to help you decide which is more suitable for you.

To make an appointment call:

Ocean Campus

E205      239-3296


Center Locations

John Adams Room 133B                          561-1955 or 561-1925

Civic Center Room 105                             561-1875       

Chinatown/North Beach Room 104          395-8611

Evans Room 104                                         550-4440

Downtown Room 108-120                        267-6555

Mission Room 115-121                             920-6058 or 920-6059  

Southeast Room 202                                550-4320