Queer Resource Center

The Queer Resource Center seeks to empower the lives of LGBTQQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex) students at CCSF by uniting the diverse individuals in the community across gender, race, age, and economic standing, religion, and ability differences.  It provides access to a support system of peers and allies and strengthens the LGBTQQI community at CCSF.  In addition, the QRC acts as a center of education for and about the queer community through peer-led teachings, workshops, and other such events.  The Queer Resource Center is a safe space for queer and transgender students and all, welcoming the opportunity to outreach to its community.  Please call us at 452-5723 for more information or come to Bungalow 201.

Mission Statement

The intention of The Queer Resource Center ( QRC ) is to provide a safe, open, and confidential atmosphere where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students and their allies can gather openly and discuss relevant issues. The Queer Resource provides opportunity to create community, get vital health literature and information, and help with academic planning, LGBT scholarship prospects and educational goals. The QRC as a CCSF Resource extends its services to the CCSF Community.



LGBT Studies Department:

CCSF is proud to offer the nations first LGBT Department. For a listing of current classes refer to the CCSF class schedules.

Ardel Thomas ( Department Chair) Cloud Hall 203B (415) 239-3520

Link Center MU 301

The Link Center is a student resource center offering safer sex supplies, education materials, mentoring, support, and referrals.

Andrew Ciscel (Coordinator) MUB 301 (415) 452-5202

Project Safe

Project Safe is a student club for those interested in working on HIV/ STI prevention issues.

Timothy Berthold, Faculty Advisor

Andrew Ciscel (Coordinator) MUB 301 (415) 452-5202

Gender Diversity Project

Gender Diversity Project is a student club designed to work in service to and in collaboration with, transgender communities at City College of San Francisco and beyond. Our mission is to dismantle stereotypes that perpetuate fear, discrimination, harassment, and violence. Our goal is to work together in support, education, and advocacy projects to ensure the dignity and human rights that we all deserve.

Andrew Ciscel (Coordinator) MUB 301 (415) 452-5202