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Club Fundraising

ICC Fundraising Guidelines and Event Planning

Below are the ICC guidelines that must be followed when planning your club fundraising activities:

  1. There will be 1 food sale per day (see definition of food sale) at any given time (more than one club may share the space/day/time if all parties agree).
  2. Clubs must reserve spaces by submitting an Event Request Form 5 business days in advance to Student Union Room 205.
  3. Any other forms required for the event (sound, performers, etc) must also be submitted 5 business days in advance.
  4. These rules will be based off of a 2 calendar week block, starting from the Monday (first ICC meeting) after the first round of club recognition.
  5. A club will have 2 guaranteed days, but can reserve up to 4 days.
    • The first 2 days reserved (and that are not in conflict with other club fundraising dates) will be the guaranteed ones.
      • Clubs should plan AHEAD so that they know which two days they really want.
      • The 2 guaranteed days cannot be switched with the extraneous days.
    • The 3rd and 4th days are extraneous.
      • If a club approaches you 5 or more business days before the extraneous day, you must either compromise or give up the day.
  6. Every ICC meeting will begin with an overview and update of the Events Calendar.
  7. If there is a scheduling conflict, an email to the involved parties and the VP of ICC will be sent.
  8. When there is an unresolved conflict there must be a proposal for a solution presented to the ICC by both clubs. Each conflict will have a maximum of 5 minutes before the ICC votes on a solution.



  • Clubs MUST turn in forms at least 5 business days before the event.
    • This applies whether a club is turning in their forms for their 2 guaranteed days, for their 2 extraneous days, or if a club is requesting an extraneous day from a different club.
  • A food sale is defined as such:
    • It can only be in one location—the Amphitheatre, Cloud Mall, or Ram Plaza.
    • There can only be one per day. However, more than one club may share the space and do a joint food sale if the club that has the day reserved agrees.
    • Also, a club may have a food sale in the morning while another club has one in the afternoon.
      • Example: Club A sells coffee from 9am-12pm while Club B sells hot dogs from 12pm-3pm.
  • The first two forms you turn in are the guaranteed days (if a club has not already reserved the space/day – check the Events Calendar to see if a date has already been reserved). The following two forms you turn in are the extraneous.
  • There are three possible solutions to a scheduling conflict.
    • 1. Club A concedes their extraneous day to Club B.
    • 2. Club A compromises with Club B to share the day.
    • 3. Club A and B are unable to come to an agreement, and the issue is brought to the next ICC meeting to be discussed and resolved.

Before your fundraising event

Make sure that you submit an Event Request Form (Student Union) at least 5 days before you plan to have your event, so that there is no other conflict with the date you want. If you want to ensure your club has the exact date you want, the form must be turned in at least a few weeks beforehand. Reserve the BBQ Grill, tables, chairs, canopies, and anything else you wish to have at your event on this form. The Student Activities Office will contact your club if the date has already been reserved, but you can also check our Events Calendar to see the available dates.

To reserve the sound equipment, you will need to fill out a separate form with the Multi-Cultural Resource Center.

Once you figure out what day you want to have your fundraiser, you can decide whether or not your club wants to take out a cash advance or if someone will pay for the items before and be reimbursed afterward. (See Payment Voucher and Cash Advance for more information)

Money for Charitable Organizations/Activities
Your club must decide before you even begin to advertise your fundraiser, if you are going to raise money for a cause. Money can be sent to charitable organizations/activities only if specifically fundraised for that purpose. The fundraising publicity posters and flyers MUST state the specific charitable organization/activity that shall receive the proceeds of the fundraiser. Once the money from the fundraiser is deposited into your club account, you will have 30 days from that point to submit the paperwork for the transfer of money to the charitable organization/activity.

Money for Prizes or Awards
Your club must decide before you even begin to advertise your fundraiser, if you are going to raise money for prizes or awards for members of your club or for the winners of a club-sponsored competition. The only way a club/council can award a cash prize or purchase items for prizes is if the club fundraises for the specific event or receives donations for the prizes. It is prohibited to use District funds or Associated Students funds to purchase prizes or award prizes for the winners of a club-sponsored competition (which is viewed as a gift of public funds). The fundraising publicity posters and flyers MUST specifically state that the proceeds of the fundraiser will be used for the prize money or for the purchasing of prizes to award to the winner(s) of the advertised competition. Once the money from the fundraiser is deposited into your club account, you will have 30 days from that point to submit the paperwork for the transfer of money to the winner(s) of the competition. If the winner(s) are awarded prizes, these must be purchased beforehand either with a cash advance or will be reimbursed later.

For business, groups, or individuals needing a TAX ID number for donations, please get form letter from the Student Activities Office. For cash donations or expensive items, bring to the attention of the Associate Dean of Student Activities. For donations over $200.00, your club must complete a Donation Approval Form (Administrative Services Office E104) and attach a copy of the check (if applicable) or a list of items that was donated to the club/council.

If you decide you are only asking for donations at your event, and will not be selling anything, a club representative must pick up a Fundraising Lock Box from the Administrative Services Office in Conlan Hall E104. Please bring a flyer of your event to show the Administrative Services Office that your club is having a fundraising event, and be sure to include on the flyer where or to whom/what the donations will go. You cannot require people to donate to your event; however, if you want to have a donation box and still sell tickets to your club event you can do so (See Tickets below).

For dances, performances, workshops and other such activities where your club will be pre-selling tickets or selling tickets at the door to the event, you will need to discuss this with the Student Activities Office at least 3 weeks beforehand. To ensure you will have a staff member at your event as a ticket taker or cashier, you will need to fill out a Request for Staffing Form and submit it to the Student Activities Office 2-3 weeks before the event. You MUST have a cashier at your event if you are selling tickets at the door and a cashier can only be a designated staff member from the Administrative Services Office. You CANNOT take tickets yourself.

ICC Food Fundraiser Guidelines

Step One:  Paperwork

  1. Event Request Form for fundraiser must be submitted 5 days before scheduled event (*Please note that food fundraisers must be completed by 3:30PM)
  2. Attached flier of fundraiser, which includes:
    • Date, Time, Location, and Price List of Items to Be Sold

 Step Two: Confirmation

  1. Confirm with Student Activities that your event has been approved.
    Reasons why your event would not be approved:
    • Incomplete paperwork
    • Date already taken by another club

 Step Three: Day of Food Fundraiser

  1. Check in with Student Activities to get reserved equipment
  2. Send a representative to Conlan Hall E104 to sign out for receipt books
    • Your club will be responsible for the receipt books during the fundraiser and to turn them back in by 3:30pm
    • When you pick up the receipt books, you need to bring a copy of the Event Request Form, which you can get from the Student Activities Office and the flier with the price list on it to Conlan Hall E104.

 Step Four: During the Fundraiser

  1. Each purchase must be accompanied by a written receipt (the original [white] goes to the patron, and the copy [yellow] stays in the book)
    • At the end of the fundraiser all receipts should reflect the exact amount of cash collected
    • Both receipts in the receipt books and the cash are due to Conlan Hall E104 by 3:30PM the day of the fundraiser. No exceptions!
    • The same person that checked out the receipt books does not need to turn them back in, but they will have to stay while the Student Accounting Office counts all the money, at which point they will issue a receipt for money deposited


Other Notes to Consider:

  1. A Fundraiser Deposit Statement will no longer be used for fundraisers, only for donations.
  2. If changes are made to the prices of items sold, please note that on the first receipt when the price changes. (For example, say you were selling tacos and you wanted to drop the price because you have a number of unsold tacos and only an hour left of the fundraiser.  Your club may reduce the price but you must write that down in the receipt book – for only the first taco sold at the reduced price)
  3. Please note these guidelines are for food fundraisers only.




After your fundraising event

Within 2 working days of a fundraising event, insure that your treasurer has deposited any fundraised money into the club account in Conlan Hall E104 using the Fundraising Deposit Statement Form. If not done in adequate amount of time, club accounts can be frozen until the funds are deposited. Remember: You must have your advisor and treasurer sign off on the form before you can turn in the money.

If your club took out a Fundraising Lock Box from the Administrative Services Office, you must bring the box and a Fundraising Deposit Statement (signed by your advisor and treasurer) back to the office on the same day or the day after your club event (unless it is a weekend night). The office staff will count the money from the box in front of you and will then deposit the donations into your club account. Remember to keep the receipt they give you for your club records. 

Your club CANNOT use the money you raised without depositing it into your club account first.

Your club CANNOT open an off-campus bank account.