How do I start a club?
To start a club at CCSF, you must fill out a Club Packet for the current semester.  Copies of the current semester's club packet can be picked up from the Student Union Room 213.

How do I get involved with a club?
The Office of the Inter Club Council can assist you with all your club related questions.  You may contacted them in the Student Union Room 213 or by phone at 415-239-3976.

Where do clubs meet?
A list of all the club meeting locations can be found here.  If the club you're looking for is not listed, you may stop by the ICC office, Student Union 213, for a list.

What are the deadlines for club recognition?
The deadlines for club related information can be found on the ICC's web page.



How do I contact the Associate Dean of Student Activities?
You may contact the Dean by phone at 415-239-3212 or come to the Student Union Room 205.

What are the Dean's office hours?
The Dean does not keep scheduled office hours.  You must either make an appointment in person at the Student Union Room 205 or over the phone at 415-239-3212.

I have a complaint against a Student Union student or staff member, who do I talk to?
All complaints about individuals in the Student Union whether student of staff should be directed to the Associate Dean of Student Activities in Room 205.  If you do not feel comfortable making a complaint in the Student Union, you may file your complaint with the Office of Student Advocacy, Rights, and Responsibilities over in Conlan Hall Room 106.

Emergency Student Loans

How do I pay off an Emergency Student Loan?
All payments of Emergency Student Loans are to be made at Conlan Hall Room 104.  Once you have paid off your loan, you must bring your receipt to the Student Union Room 205 to update our records.  If you do not pay off your loan within two weeks, a hold will be placed on your record which prevents you from registering, transferring, and checking your grades.



How do I request an event?
To have an event at CCSF, you must fill out an Event Request Form which can be picked up from either the Student Union Room 205 or 207.  Once you have filled out all the information requested on the form, you must turn it back into the Student Activities Office.  Check the Student Activities Calendar to confirm your event.

Where do I get equipment, tables, chairs, etc. for a planned event?

All equipment/tables/chairs must be checked out with the Student Activities Office.  Arrangements for the sound system must be arranged with the Vice President of Cultural Affairs before hand.

Vending Machines

The machine ate my money, what do I do?
To receive a refund for either un-returned change or failure to dispense a product, drop by Conlan Hall Room 104.  You will be asked where and when the occurrence took place as well as what happened and how much was lost.