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Dear CCSF Student:

As students, you know we all pay big bucks for our textbooks. But did you know you can borrow them for free? The Associated Students Bookloan Program loans out 3,000+ textbooks each semester. You can borrow 2 textbooks and they are yours until the last day of class in the same Semester. We wanted to let you know about our up coming loaning periods, volunteer opportunities and how to get a Bookloan!

Bookloan is a FREE program but it is not a right! This privilege is brought to you by the $5 Student Activity fee. Please pay this voluntary fee when registering for classes. The fee pays for Bookloan and other Associated Students groups from Club of Brazil to Philosophy Club. Bookloan cannot operate without your support!

We also accept donations of current textbooks for City College or gently used novels, textbooks, and other books so that we may recycle them for money to buy new textbooks. Remember, we are student run, student supported and can't afford to buy every textbook needed. Can you donate one textbook this Semester?

The Bookloan is open to students all semester, but we have limited supplies, so come early!

Volunteer orientation at 12:00pm on Wednesday, August 8. We are student run and supported. Bookloan cannot operate without volunteers. Special benefits include your first pick of 2 textbooks from our library. RSVP to or drop in!


FULL TIME - PRIORITY STUDENT LOANING - Thursday and Friday August 8 - 9, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

ALL STUDENT LOANING - Monday, August 12 and Tuesday, August 13, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


Friday, August 16, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

We will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday, August 14 and 15, so that our team of student volunteers may attend their first classes of the new semester.

Ocean Campus, Student Union Building, room 104B (on the second level near CityCafe). The line will start outside the CityCafe on the second level. Please follow the posted signs for the correct place to line up. Dress in layers as you may be standing outside while waiting.

All students at City College can borrow books. The first two days we loan only to Bookloan priority students.

***Bookloan Priority students are:

-Students with financial aid/BOG waiver/AB540 enrolled in 12 units
-Veterans with GI Bill and enrolled in 9 units.
-Disabled students registered with DSPS and enrolled in 6 units.

We are sorry, CalWORKS and EOPS students are not eligible for Bookloan because of the textbook vouchers provided by those programs. If you would like to donate a current book from our "wish list", we may be able to loan you one book per donation. Please see a Coordinator for more information.

You MUST BRING the following:

1) CCSF Student ID card. (Get one at Smith Hall Registration Center on Ocean Campus)
2) Official class schedule (Print out your ADD/DROP page)
3) Titles/Authors of required textbooks. (See "Click here for your book information" on the ADD/DROP page of Web4)
4) Proof of Financial aid, Veteran and/or disabled status. (only required on August 8 and 9) avilable from Web4.

PLEASE NOTE: We request that you print out these pages. We will not accept or handle your hand held device (cell phone, Ipod, etc) because we are not responsible for lost or damaged items. Please visit your local Library, Campus Library or on campus resource center to print these pages for free or at low cost.

***All without CCSF ID and paperwork will be refused service. Come prepared!***

We carry textbooks, calculators and other materials for classes at City College. We do not carry novels, access codes, or looseleaf books. Visit your campus library or local public library to borrow fiction and non fiction novels.  Visit your campus library or local public library to borrow fiction and non-fiction novels.  All books are loand on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please come early as the line may close at any time.

If you require accommodations for a disability, please contact DSPS at least 72 hours before at 415-452-5481 (Voice) or 415-452-5451 (Telecommunication Device for the Deaf)

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