$5 Student Activities Fee

The $5 Student Activity Fee Makes A Difference

You have the option when registering to pay a $5 student activities fee.  It seems mysterious -- your five bucks are gone and you have no clue where it went or how it benefits you.  That money doesn't just disappear; it makes a difference in the lives of students on this campus.

Just $5 Supports Programs Such As

Help Make City College A Better Place

Paying the student activities fee is one way to contribute, but it's not the only way.  We need your ideas and input on what works for you and what doesn't on this campus.  We know City College could use some improvements, so why don't you get involved in changing it for the better?  We'd like to see your bright shining faces in clubs, at events, at council meetings, speaking in campus committees, volunteering, and telling us what you want to see changed.

Associated Student Council meetings are posted on the bulletin board between rooms 208 and 209 in the Student Union.  All meetings are open to all students and your input is always welcome.

If you would like to get in touch with us call (415) 239-3108 or stop by the office and air your concerns.