Campus Tours

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Through our campus tour program, we aim to provide a comprehensive program that will meet the diverse interests and needs of many different prospective student groups.

Types of campus tours:

  • Individual or group tours
  • Middle or High School tours

Campus tours start in the lobby of Conlan Hall at the Informatin Desk where a student Ambassador will greet you. Link to a map of Ocean Campus here.

Campus tours are approximately 1 hour long and provide a general overview of City College. Students will have the opportunity to visit many of our historical buildings along with our instructional departments and student services programs.

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How do I sign up to attend a campus tour?

Email reservations are required for campus tours. To request a tour, please email : with the following information:

  • desired date
  • desired time
  • your name
  • phone number
  • organization/school name
  • number of attendees

You will receive an e-mail confirmation with the date and time of your tour. 

Large groups are required to sign up at least 3 weeks in advance.

Small group and individual tours are required to sign up 1 week in advance. 


2 ambassadors and students on a tour