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With the newly enacted Assembly Bill 705, students may receive English and Math course placements using high school performance data in addition to placement tests. To find out more information about the legislation and options to complete the assessment step, please go to our AB705 page.

CCSF Assessment

Learn more about placement testing.  Watch our CCSF assessment video!

Testing General Info

Placement tests are one way of measuring the students' skills in Math and English or ESL. Placement test results are used for course placement purposes only. They are not used to prevent any student from attending CCSF. Counselors will use these results along with other information to help students decide on a program of courses.

Placement Tests in ENGLISH or ESL (English as a Second Language) and MATH are given regularly from mid-October through January and mid-March through August. 

To receive an earlier registration date—complete assessment, attend an orientation, and see a counselor to get an education plan!

-No appointments are necessary for most tests (except All-In-One-Day events).  Seating is first-come-first-serve.

-All Computerized tests are held in the basement of Conlan Hall E5. No appointment is necessary.   Seating is limited to the first 28 students. First-come-first-serve.  Please arrive 15 minutes before start time with your City College ID number and a photo ID.

-Each placement test is 90 minutes long.

-All testing schedules are subject to change without prior notice or updated due to last minute changes.


Placement Test Preparation

We encourage you to brush up a little on your Math and English prior to taking the tests. You can find review questions for the placement tests here: Sample Test Questions.

Additional Study Material and Online Practice Math Test

Accuplacer Resources

Accuplacer Prep Test 

Khan Academy


Ocean Placement Testing at 50 Phelan Avenue SF, CA 94112


e.g.: Permanent or Current Identification or Driver's License, Military i.d., United State Passport, Foreign Passport, U.S. States Permanent Resident Card, Employment i.d., High School i.d. or Work Visa




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No appointment is necessary for computerized testing.

Seating is limited to the first 28 students!

 Seating is first-come-first-serve for computerized testing


October 2018

November 2018

We no longer offer the Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra Placement Tests. For more information about the different options to be place into English and Math Courses, please visit our 


Please contact the centers directly for the schedules.

ATB (Ability To Benefit)

To see if you meet eligibility requirements log on to: or call Financial Aid  (415) 239-3577


Test Results pick-up and understanding your test results


Other Tests

 Other Testing Schedules and Sample Test Questions

Important Links and FAQ

Placement Test Results Pick-Up 

You can pick up your placement test results and continue your matriculation steps by any one of two ways:

1. Pick up results IN PERSON (picture ID required) at Conlan 203.

2. Access your results ONLINE by logging onto Web4 and going to the Student Records. 

(Note that you can use this only if your Admissions Application has been submitted and processed). 

You can print out the results and then participate in the Online Orientation.

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