Math Waiver Criteria

Students may be excused from taking the Math Placement Test by attaching proof of one of the following:

1. Completion (received a C- or higher from a previous college that considers C- a passing grade) of a college math course

2. Any of the following SAT scores:

  • SAT  I Math:  550
  • SAT II Math Subject Test:  550
  • SAT Reasoning Test, Math Section:  550

3.  ACT Math score of Level I or II or 23

4.  Advance Placement Exam in Calculus AB or BC, Computer Science AB or Statistics score of 3 or higher.

5.  GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Quantitative Section score of 600 or higher

6.  EAP (Early Assessment Program) of the California Standards Test, Mathematics Status: "Ready for CSU college-level mathematics course"

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English Waiver Criteria

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