GED Content

What are the Tests?
The GED Test Battery consists of five (5) subtests that measure the essential academic skills and concepts of a traditional high school education.
    Language Arts, Reading: 65 minutes
    Language Arts, Writing: 120 minutes
    Mathematics: 90 minutes
    Science: 80 minutes
    Social Studies: 70 minutes
    The examinee must pass each subtest with a minimum score of four hundred and ten (410) points and a minimum total score of 2250 points. If the examinee does not pass a subtest the first time, the examinee may retest two more times, with a total of three opportunities per contract year. If the examinee passes all of the tests but does not earn the minimum 2250 points to pass the battery, the examinee may retest any one of the five tests in an effort to reach 2250 points.  
Keep in mind: five (5) subtests x three (3) attempts per year = fifteen (15) tests per contract year.