GED Testing Center!


GED Computerized Testing is at Mission Center!

The GED Testing Center in San Francisco is administered by the City College of San Francisco and is located at the Mission Center.

For General questions go to room 114 located inside the Admissions & Enrollment (A & E) Office

1125 Valencia Street, Room 114
San Francisco, CA 94110
Telephone: (415) 561-1824

GED Testing Computer Lab: Room 105



GED Records Information:

For those that want GED records and you tested during the year 1991 or after, go to the GED Testing Service Website and fill out the online request.

For those that tested during the year 1990 or before, please fill out the GED Score Request Form and send to:
John Adams Center
GED Records Center
1860 Hayes Street, Room 45
San Francisco, CA 94117

Note: Those that submit a GED Transcript Form will receive an UNOFFICIAL copy of their transcripts.

Please allow up to 2 weeks to process your request.