Civic Engagement Initiative

What is Civic Engagement?

Civic Engagement is at the cutting edge of curricular and co-curricular service learning at community colleges and universities in the Bay Area, across the nation and internationally.  The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, the premiere academic journal for practitioners of service learning, defines civic engagement as “the knowledge, skills and values that make an explicit, direct and purposeful contribution to the preparation of students for active civic and democratic participation.” Civic Engagement service learning seeks to increase students’ understanding of the complexities of citizenship in order to foster a lasting desire to incorporate engagement in democracy and civic responsibility to community into their daily lives.  

CEI Students

Current CEI students come from some of the most underserved communities in education:

  • SAFE & VIDA: AB540 Students
  • Second Chance Students: Formerly Incarcerated Students
  • Guardian Scholar Students: Former Foster Youth
  • Metropolitan Health Academy Students: Diverse students who seek careers in Public Health and Social Work
  • PEACE Club: Pilipinos for Education Art Culture and Empowerment

When the pilot is completed the CEI Training & Internship program will solicit applications from all students who have demonstrated leadership in civic engagement and responsibility.

CEI Community Partners