Writing Success Project

Diego Rivera Mural

What Services Does the Writing Success Project Provide?


1) Study groups, led by professional tutors, linked to designated English and ESL composition courses


2) Short-term LERN courses in specific study strategies, designed to improve writing success and graduation/transfer goals 


3) Success Seminars on a variety of subjects. Topics this semesterinclude Choosing a Major, Coping with Stress, and drop-in info sessionson San Francisco State University.


4) Field trips to San Francisco State University             


5) Counseling


6) Instructional advising  


7) Possibility for supplemental Pell Grant funds


8) Priority Registration


9) Events that allow faculty, staff and students to meet and converse


10) A fun and supportive learning environment


For more information, email wspinfo@ccsf.edu or Carol Heard at cheard@ccsf.edu.

Writing Success Project Anthologies 2010-2014