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SLO Assessment Process

The Language Center's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment process is documented and described below. For more details, please view the rest of our program website.

SLO Assessment Process

Assessment results and progress are documented each semester in our Assessment Progress Reports with highlights each year in our Program Review.

Program Outcomes

Our program is on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. See program details below. For assessment details and timelines see links for progress reports in right side column.

Language Center Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Students who use the CCSF Language Center will be able to:

  • Build understanding of, appreciation for, and sensitivity to diverse peoples and cultures by practicing languages and acquiring cultural information.
  • Develop academic and computer literacy, including enhanced proficiency in written, oral, and visual communication, by exercising stamina and persistence in their use of sophisticated language-learning software and websites.
  • Build foundations and enhance skills by developing their awareness of individual and social responsibilities, including, among others:
    • taking charge of their own language learning;
    • identifying their individual learning style;
    • assuming accountability for appropriate behavior in a public academic space;
    • developing intercultural competence.