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The Financial Aid department’s assessment process is documented and described below. For more details, view the entire department website. Assessment results and progress are documented each semester in our Assessment Progress Reports with highlights each year in our Program Review.

Program Outcomes

These programs areas are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. 

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO’s)

Program area

Financial Aid Office:

By the end of the Financial Literacy Workshop, students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the federal direct loan eligibility process, borrower responsibilities, avoiding loan default, and repayment timelines. (ILO: 1. Critical Thinking and Information Competency: Understanding of a loan borrower responsibilities.)

Financial Aid, Academic Counseling Office:

  • By the end of the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) workshop, students will be able to identify all of the federal financial aid SAP standards. 
  • By the end of the SAP workshop, students will be able to identify the documents required to include in their appeal application package, to be considered for federal financial aid eligibility.