The Financial Aid office follows the CCSF assessment process as documented on the Outcomes Assessment Reporting website.

Program Outcomes

Our programs are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. Program Outcomes are mapped to ILOs as shown below:


Financial Aid Office:

By the end of the Financial Literacy Workshop, students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the federal direct loan eligibility process, borrower responsibilities, avoiding loan default, and repayment timelines. (ILO I.2. Critical Thinking and Information Literacy: Locate, evaluate, synthesize, and appropriately use multiple forms of information; II.1. Communication: Communicate effectively; II.2. demonstrate respectful interpersonal and intercultural communication; III.3. Cultural, Social, and Environmental Awareness: Demonstrate civic, social, and environmental responsibility; IV.1. Personal and Career Development: Identify and develop helpful resources and opportunities).

Financial Aid Office:

  • Provide effective training and workshops that enable students to independently and successfully locate their financial aid information.  
  • Provide students the opportunity to learn the minimum academic requirements needed to maintain financial aid eligibility.