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Guardian Scholars Program

The Guardian Scholars Program is committed to helping students exiting the foster care system by providing a comprehensive support program to help you complete a GED, achieve an A.A. degree, complete a certificate program, or transfer to a four-year institution.

  • We help you navigate the unknown waters of a college education to access the key resources when they are most needed.
  • We connect you to college and community resources based upon your individual needs so you can realize your dreams.

How the Guardian Scholars Program Works

The Financial Aid Office serves as home base for the program. We identify individual needs and provide you the resources you need to succeed. For most students this will include a Chafee Grant, financial aid access, housing assistance, health service referrals, and academic/career counseling.

What is the Summer Academy?

The Summer Academy is designed to prepare students for a smooth transition from high school to college. The program provides free tuition, books, supplies, and career exploration, along with a meal and transportation allowance. With enthusiasm and a six week commitment, you can gain high school and college credit as well as valuable tools for success. The Academy is designed for current or former foster youth in their junior or senior year of high school or entering freshmen. For more information, contact Maya Webb at 415-242-2615, ext. 3310.

What is the Guardian Scholars Student Club?

If you are interested in receiving a mentor, meeting other students with similar support needs, would like information on scholarships, or would like to be involved, Join the Guardian Scholars Club!

To become a member, there is not much you have to do to. Email us at: or and give us the best way to reach you.

Club Members

  • Connect with a mentor in the community or within the college
  • Become a charter member of the club
  • Participate in activities both social and educational to get to know other students!

Guardian Scholars Eligibility Requirements:

  • Highly motivated current or former foster youth up to age 25
  • At least one year in foster care
  • Apply for admission to CCSF
  • Take Math and English placement tests
  • Enroll in designated college success class(es)

Interested to Learn More?

For more information on how to apply, financial aid, and any other questions you have about the program, contact Michael McPartlin, the Program Coordinator. Phone: 415-239-3682. Email:

Community Connections

Anna Valladares
Transitional Housing Coordinator
Phone: 415-934-4224

Angela Rosales
Independent Living Skills Program Education Coordinator
Phone: 415-934-4201

Sara Razavi
Honoring Emancipated Youth
Phone: 415-808-4435

Maya Webb
San Francisco Unified School District Foster Youth Services Coordinator
Phone: 415-242-2615 ext. 3310

Gloria Anthony-Oliver
Human Services Agency Education Liason
Phone: 415-557-5305

Corrina Mok
Community Relations Specialist San Francisco Health Plan
Phone: 415-615-4257
College Connections

Michael McPartlin
Program Coordinator
Phone: 415-239-3682

Alvin Jenkins
Extended Opportunity Program & Services Director
Phone: 415-239-3440

Maria Franco
Extended Opportunity Program & Services Counselor
Phone: 415-239-3610

Carol Belle-Thomas Moss
Club Advisor
Phone: 415-452-5427

Terrence Chuck
Disabled Students Program & Services Counselor
Phone: 415-452-5486

Emily Glines
AmeriCorps Mentoring
Phone: 415-239-3529

Alma Avila
Community Health Worker Program Coordinator
Phone: 415-452-7481

Michele Jacques
Southeast Campus Counseling Department
Phone: 510-550-4308

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