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Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial Aid checks are printed by the District’s main computer system according to a set disbursement calendarThe amount of money paid in each check is directly related to the number of units you are enrolled in according to the Admissions computer database at the time the payment is created.

The Financial Aid Office will not authorize early disbursement of checks.


DIRECT DEPOSIT - is the fastest way to receive financial aid funds.  You can electronically sign up for the direct deposit by logon to CCSF secured site, then

      *    Click on “Student Services & Financial Aid”

      *    Click on “Financial Aid”,

      *    Click on “My Eligibility”,

      *    Click on “Direct Deposit”.

If you do not have a bank account currently, you can establish an account at no or low cost through the following website:  This service is sponsored by the City and County of San Francisco Treasure’s Office and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

On a limited basis, you may request to pick up checks at Conlan Hall, Room 104.  The request takes two weeks to process.  The estimated amount of time involved to produce these manual payments is up to fourteen days from the date of disbursement to your CCSF student account.