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Undocumented Student Action Week 2019

California Community Colleges are committed to serving all students, regardless of immigration status. During Undocumented Student Action Week, California’s community colleges are encouraged to engage in advocacy and support efforts in solidarity with undocumented students throughout the state.


During the week of October 14-18, 2019, a series of webinars, along with materials, resources and additional information were provided for undocumented students, faculty and staff at California's community colleges.


If you missed the live webinars, please watch the recordings using the links below. 


Educator Focused Webinars

Demystifying Dream Resource Centers: Building Campuswide Support: Breakdown the important benchmarks to initiate or expand strong support services for undocumented students on your campus in order to build a successful program.


Protecting Student Data: Legal Responsibilities & Connecting Students To Resources: Learn from LACCD's district-wide model about how they safely identify and effectively outreach to all undocumented students while protecting student data. Get tips & tools to implement this on your campus! 


Pursuing Sustainable Funding for Undocumented Student Programming: Learn from the strategies two community colleges have used to obtain Equity and AB 19 funds to support new and expanding programming for undocumented students on their campus.


Creating Safe Spaces on Campus: UndocuTalks Toolkit: Increase the concentric circles of safety and care available for undocumented students on your campus through personal reflection, UndocuTalks, professional development and the new Mental Health Connector, created by Immigrants Rising. 


Increasing Support for Undocumented Students at the CCCs Training Module: Get a sneak peek at the brand new systemwide training module created by the CCC Dreamers Project to increase support for undocumented students at California Community Colleges. Find out about this easy to access online tool, which is available anytime, to be able to effectively enlist other educators, administrators, and staff on your campus to complete the training.


Student Focused Webinars

Paying for College: Financial Aid & Scholarships: Knowing how to pay for college is one of the biggest problems that prevent undocumented students from entering or staying in college. Learn how to successfully apply for and receive all financial aid and scholarships for which you are eligible!  


Accessing Reputable Legal Support: Learn about the information and tools you can use to explore your immigration options. Get resources on ways you can protect yourself and your family from deportation. 


Thriving with Fear & Building Resilience: A panel of undocumented youth leaders share strategies for harnessing fear through art, therapy and resistance.


Healing Through Art: The Emotional Expression of Art in Social Justice: Learn how the undocumented youth movement historically used art and politics together to create activism: an outlet for the expression of the challenges of being undocumented in America. You will also be able to participate in art making!