Jan   14Instruction Begins. First day to add classes or change sections.
Jan   19Saturday classes begin.
Jan   20Sunday classes begin.
Jan   21Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday. College Closed.
Jan   28

Last day to drop FULL-TERM course work units in order to qualify for 100% full refund of CA resident enrollment fees, international and nonresident student tuition fees. *** See instructions regarding short term dates in online class schedule***

Feb   1Last day to add full-term credit classes in-person & on the WEB
Feb    7Last day to drop full-term coursework units without a "W" appearing on a student's permanent record.   Last day to drop in order to receive a 50% (half) non-resident tuition refund.
Feb   15-18Holiday, President's Day Weekend (No Classes-College Closed)
Feb   19Last day to apply for pass (P/NP) grade option, where this option is available for all full-term classes.
Feb   28Last day to request GPA for CAL GRANT
Feb   28Last day to apply for an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science Degree. Last day to petition for an  Award of Achievement or Certificate of Accomplishment.
Mar   15End of the Mid-Term period.
Mar   23-Mar 31Spring Break (No Classes - College Closed)
Apr    1Holiday, Cesar Chavez Day (College Closed)
Apr      5Mid-Term grades are available on WEB4
Apr    18

Last day for student-initiated or instructor-initiated withdrawals (W).

Apr    26Faculty Flex Day (No Classes-College Open).
May   16Last day for students  to fulfill requirements to remove Incomplete  from previous semester.
May   17First day of final exams (day classes)
May   18Last session and final exams for Saturday (S) classes.  Instruction ends.
May   19Last session and final exams for Sunday (SU) classes.
May   20Last session and final exams for Monday (M) evening classes.  Day Final exams.
May   21Last session and final exams for Tuesday (T) evening classes.  Day Final exams.
May   22Last session and final exams for Wednesday (W) and Monday/Wednesday (M/W) evening classes.  Day final exams.
May   23Last session and final exams for Thursday (R) and Tuesday/Thursday (TR) evening classes.  Day final exams
May   24Day Final Exams.  Day Instruction Ends.
Jun     6Final grades available on WEB4