All Program Outcomes

Office of Student Affairs & Wellness

Commencement Outcome

As a result of their participation in the Commencement Ceremony, students will have the opportunity to celebrate the completion of their academic matriculation at C.C.S.F. Student involvement in the Commencement Ceremony promotes cultural, social, and intellectual development, as well as a sense of camaraderie and achievement.

The event gives students the opportunity to celebrate education and create lasting memories. Students participating in Commencement learn to fully develop the skills they have been taught and apply the importance of educational completion and lifelong learning to their future endeavors.

Academic Achievement Outcome

Students engaging in the program will learn about the different levels of academic success and how they can be reached. They learn to value their hard work and dedication by receiving recognition from the Dean’s office.

Students will benefit from the program by receiving verifications, recommendations, and referrals that will reflect their academic achievements and assist them towards their future academic and professional endeavors.

Awards and Recognitions Outcome

Students being recognized in the program should gain a sense of pride, accomplishment, and support. The goal of this program is to promote student success in academics and in leadership on campus. 

Student Leadership Program (L.E.A.D.) Outcome

As a result of their participation in the L.E.A.D. (Leaders Evoking an Actual Difference) program, students will learn leadership skills that promote humanitarian values, social justice, and civic responsibility.

Students will engage and learn the leadership methods and skills needed to not only build their self-esteem but to impact positively the environment they wish to create. They develop critical thinking, organizing, and strategies to implement change through their leadership activities.

DiverCITY Outcome

Students will be able to differentiate between individual and group differences, identify cultural and ethnic differences, and recognize universal similarities in all individuals. Students will use knowledge of these differences and similarities to make sensitive and appropriate decisions when connecting with others who are different from themselves. Student will focus on creating an understanding and respect for all humans and an appreciation for the richness of culture at CCSF and in the world. 

Green Scene for Sustainable Students Outcome

Students will learn the different aspects of sustainability and what it means to be “green” as well as gain a better understanding of why recycling, reducing and reusing is so important both on and off campus. Participants in the program who are interested in pursuing careers in green fields will have the opportunity to explore internships with our recycling department and take advantage of our bridge programs which lead to four-year universities offering majors in these fields. Students will learn to promote and engage other students on campus about the importance of making C.C.S.F. a greener, more sustainable, learning environment.