Office of Student Affairs & Wellness:

Academic Dismissal

Academic Dismissal

A student who has been on probation is subject to academic dismissal if the student has been on either academic probation or on progress probation or on both academic and progress probation for more than four consecutive semesters. If students are academically dismissed, a notation of "Academic Dismissal" will be placed on the permanent academic record. Consecutive semester's means four semesters in a row of the students attendance at City College. Summer sessions are not counted as regular semesters when semesters are being counted for academic dismissal.

Appeal of Academic Dismissal and Request for Reinstatement

Students may appeal academic dismissal  and petition to be reinstated so they may continue their enrollment. Such petitions will be considered in cases of verified unusual circumstances. Students may request information or a Petition to Appeal Academic Dismissal and Request Reinstatement from the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs & Wellness. If students are reinstated, their reinstatement will be conditional based upon a review of the academic record at the end of each semester. Readmitted students will be subject to the continued requirements of the academic probation and academic dismissal regulation.



Petitions to Appeal Academic Dismissal & Request for Reinstatement are done by appointment. Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


If you have any questions regarding Academic DIsmissal please contact our office.