Office of Student Affairs & Wellness:

Transfer/Common Application Submissions

How we can help

The "Common Application" and many other private university applications require a "College Official's Report"  to be completed and included with your application packet. We are here to assist you with verifying the information needed for you to complete this part of your transfer process.

What to do

Follow these steps:

  • Fill in Section 1 and decide whether you will or will not waive your right to access the report once its processed. This is clearly indicated on the form (your choice will determine how we process the documentation). 
  • Submit the form to your counselor or academic advisor. They will complete Section 2. 
  • You or your counselor may then forward the application to Student Affairs & Wellness to complete Section 3.

When turning in your documentation always include the address of the person/department indicating where the report should be mailed to. We will mail your documentation directly to the institution.

*Please note: online submissions of transfer applications are accepted at this time.  


Contact us if you have any questions or if the above mentioned process is unclear.