Office of Student Affairs & Wellness:

Dean's List Certificates

Minimum Qualifications

The minimum qualifications to be placed on the Dean's list are as follows: 

  • Minimum semester GPA of 3.30.
  • Full time student status (12 units) made up of letter grades (P/NP does not apply).
  • W's on your record must not exceed the number of letter grades on your record.
  • You must be in good disciplinary and academic standing overall.


At the end of every semester our office compiles a list of all students who made the Dean's list. We notify each student via email of their exceptional academic achievement and congratulate them in this way.  

What is a Dean's List certificate?

A certificate that shows a student excelled academically in one or more semesters. It is a certificate that you may keep or frame which acknowledges your hard work as a student.

Who is eligible?

Only students on the Dean's List may request Dean's List certificates. Visit our Dean's List page for information on eligibility.





If you are unsure whether you are on the Dean's List or you simply have questions concerning this process, please contact our office or simply check your online transcript. A notation will clearly be indicated for each semester that you have made the Dean's List. Contact us if you have any further questions about this process. Any office staff member can assist you.