Commencement Registration

Office of Student Affairs & Wellness

What is Commencement Registration?

Commencement registration is the process by which all graduates are approved to cross the stage and accounted for. This process also enables the college to plan for proper seating, staging, gifts, etc.The name of each graduate is also listed in the Commencement Program Booklet which is given out at the ceremony to family and friends. In order to participate in the commencement ceremony, all graduates are required to register with the Office of Student Affairs in person. 

 Registration is a quick and easy process, but it is a separate process from turning in your petition for the A.A./A.S. Degree. Once registered, all students will receive their commencement information packet which includes all the details graduates will need to be prepared for the big day.

You will also receive the Student Code of Conduct which applies to all students graduating from CCSF who wish to participate in the ceremony. 

Who must register?

All graduating CCSF students who would like to participate in the CCSF Commencement Ceremony and must register are:

  • transfering to a 4 year institution and have met their 2 year requirements
  • receiving a CCSF A.A. or A.S. Degree

How to register...

  • In order to register you must file the appropriate paperwork for your degree, certificate, or award with the office of Admissions and Records. Once you have submitted that paperwork, you are eligible to register for commencement.
  • Registration information is available in the "Commencement Circular."


Should you have any questions regarding registration please contact us.