Commencement Program

Office of Student Affairs & Wellness

What is the Commencement Program?

The name of each graduate is listed in a booklet known as the "Commencement Program" which is given out at the ceremony to family and friends.

Ensuring your name is listed

We make every effort to ensure that all graduating students who register on time are listed in the Commencement program. If you do not register for Commencement before the deadline  your name will NOT be listed in the Commencement program. We have a printing approval deadline that will preclude inclusion of late registrants.

Please note

If at any time you have requested privacy protection for your academic records, your name cannot be published in the program by law unless you have indicated on your registration form that you desire your name to be included in the program.

Although your name might not be included in the printed program, you will still be individually recognized by name as you cross the stage.


Please contact our office for further clarification if needed or reference the Commencement Circular.