Commencement Program

Commencement Booklet


What is the Commencement Program?

The name of each graduate is listed in a booklet known as the Commencement Program, which is distributed at the ceremony to family, friends and guests of the graduates.


How can students ensure that their name is listed?

Students who register by the Commencement Ceremony deadline will have their name listed in the Commencement program. The College has a printing approval deadline that will preclude inclusion of late registrants.


What laws restrict the inclusion of names in the booklet?

By law (U.S. Department of Education: Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act), students who have requested privacy protection for their academic records at any time will not have their name published in the program, unless they indicate on their commencement registration form that they desire their name to be included.

  • Students whose names are not included in the printed program will still be individually recognized by name as they cross the commencement stage.
  • Students graduating with Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors status shall have a special notation next to their name in the program. This information must show on the official school records at the time of registration to be included. 

If you do not register for Commencement before the deadline, your name will NOT be listed in the Commencement program. 

If you have a preferred name, please indicate it when you register for commencement. However, while preferred names may appear on the booklet, they will not appear on degree. 



If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Affairs & Wellness