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Awards & Recognition Program



What is the Awards & Recognition Program?

The Office of Student Affairs & Wellness strives to award and recognize students, staff, administrators, and members of the CCSF community who have made outstanding achievments and/or contributions to the college community this academic year. The Excellence Awards were founded in Spring of 2011 by Rita Tuialu'ulu'u with the support of Dr. Veronica Hunnicutt.

CCSF is a long standing organization in the community of San Francisco. Our achievements as a college could not have been reached without the service and dedication of the employees. Our reputation for producing excellent students would not be possible without the students themselves and their hard work. Finally, our relationship with the community would not have grown to be what it is today, without the contributions and support of community members.

 The individuals that make up the college community are just as important as the college itself. Our wish in the Office of Student Affairs & Wellness is to recognize and thank these amazing individuals for their contributions by hosting awards and recognition ceremonies.

Student Learning Outcome (SLO)

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