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Student Advocacy & Grievance


What is Advocacy & Grievance?

The Office of Student Affairs & Wellness is responsible for making sure that there is a fair and equitable process in place to advocate for students as well as receive and process grievances. Our office can assist in advocating for students, reccomending next steps, and also receiving and processing a formal student grievance.


Before filing a formal grievance, it is possible to mediate a situation by requesting advocacy. The process of advocating for students is so that our staff can look at your issue, determine if all college rules and regulations have been followed/applied appropriately, and determine if, you the student, are being treated fairly. Based on our investigation, we will make a recommendation on how to proceed. Examples of issues that can possibly be resolved at the advocacy level are:

  • Financial Aid Issues
  • Minor Classroom Disputes
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Enrollment Issues


Step by step...

Step One: Request Advocacy

Step Two: Follow Advocacy Recommendations

Step Three: Determine the Type of Grievance

Step Four: Filing a Formal Grievance

*For more information & additional copies of forms, refer to the “Student Complaint/Appeals Procedures” available on our website, or in the Office of Student Affairs & Wellness, the Information Center, the Counseling Departments or in the Office of the Dean of Student Services.
Complaint Process Notice (per Section 600.9 State Authorization (a)(1), Section 668.43(b)) Most complaints, grievances or disciplinary matters should be resolved at the campus level. This is the quickest and most successful way of resolving issues involving a California Community College (CCC). You are obligated to work through the campus complaint process first before escalating issues to any of the following resources. Issues that are not resolved at the campus level may be presented:
•    To the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) at if your complaint is associated with the institution’s compliance with academic program quality and accrediting standards. ACCJC is the agency that accredits the academic programs of the California Community Colleges.

•To the CCC Chancellor’s Office by completing the Web form at if your complaint does not concern CCC’s compliance with academic program quality and accrediting standards.

If your complaint involves unlawful discrimination, to the Chancellor’s Office Web site at Nothing in this disclosure should be construed to limit any right that you may have to take civil or criminal legal action to resolve your complaints.