Office of Student Affairs & Wellness


Student Advocacy  


Purpose Statement

The purpose of Student Advocacy is to provide an informal process in which students can request advocacy for concerns regarding fairness, respect for differences, and reasonable solutions for students within the college guidelines.

What is Advocacy?

Student Advocacy is a confidential, impartial, and informal resource designed to assist the student community in managing and resolving specific concerns.

The areas of advocacy include but are not limited to academic concerns, student services concerns, student-teacher conflict resolution, student-student conflict resolution, due process.


Standards of Practice

We provide a safe, calm, and professional setting in which students can feel comfortable to address specific concerns. The guiding principiles that we follow are:

  • Confidentiality - We do not share any information provided to us unless there is imminent risk of serious harm.
  • Impartiality - Our goal is to assist all parties involved reach a mutual understanding, not take sides. 
  • Informal - Use of this service is not a formal step of any protocol. The student's participation is voluntary.   


How We Help

Our office can assist in hearing specific concerns and reccomending next steps depending on the type of process the student should follow in order to resolve a complaint, conflict or issue.

Student Advocacy DOES:

  • Listen impartially and provide unbiased feedback
  • Provide confidential methods to address concerns
  • Refer students to appropriate services and resources
  • Foster resolutions to deescalate conflict
  • Mediate between individuals/groups
  • Empower students to adress their concerns
  • Assist with communication skills

Student Advocacy DOES NOT:

  • Advocate for individuals or take sides
  • Serve as an office of notifications
  • Provide legal counsel
  • Share information without permission
  • Maintain confidentiality when there is an imminent risk of harm or danger
  • Conduct any formal investigating/reporting
  • Change policies or make decisions regarding outcomes


To Request Advocacy