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FAQs Regarding Violations of the Code of Student Conduct Process

  • Question: Who can submit a Notice of Code of Student Conduct (COSC) violation report?
  • Response: Any current District employee may submit a Notice of COSC report. Faculty and Classified employees are encouraged to share the report with their immediate supervisors.
  • Question: For what reason(s) should a report be submitted?
  • Response: Violations of the COSC should be reported to the Dean of Students within three (3) days of the alledged incident.
  • Question: Where is the Notice of COSC found?
  • Response: At the Office of Student Affairs & Wellness (Conlan Hall, E106) and online. District Employees are also encouraged to submit a Maxient COSC report.
  • Question: What are the steps in addressing and resolving a COSC violation?
  • Response: The steps are Documentation (document the incident in detail); Notification (provide the student with a copy of the report); 3) Conference/Follow-up (advise the student to schedule a Conference with the Dean of Students).
  • Question: When documentin a COSC violation, what information should I include in my report?
  • Response: Facts and details (who, what, when, where, with whom) about the alledged violation.
  • Question: What should I exlcude from my report?
  • Response: Stereotypes, generalaizations, labels, opinions, diagnoses.
  • Question: What if I can't give a copy of the report to the student directly?
  • Response: Send the alledged violator/student a copy of the COSC report via email. The Office of Student Affairs & Wellness will also send the student a notice informing the alledged violator/student of a report and advising him/her to schedule an appointment with the Dean of Students within 2-3 business days.
  • Question: Do I have to attend the scheduled disciplinary conference with the alledged violator/student?
  • Response: For most conferences, your presence is not requested or required, and you will not be called upon as a witness. However, to gather more information abou the alledged incident, the Dean of Students may inquire with you about the report you submit.
  • Question: How long does it take to resolve the COSC matter? How do I learn about the status of the COSC matter?
  • Response: Most COSC violation report are resolved within 7-10 business days but may take up to 20 business days. You may contact the Office of Student Affairs & Wellness via telephone or emails to inquire about the status of a COSC matter.
  • Question: What if I need a student to be removed from my classroom (faculty) or from an area (classified employees/supervisor/administrators)?
  • Response: Faculty may temporarily remove a student from a classroom for up to two (2) instructional class meetings/days. Classified staff members, with approval from the immediate site supervisor, and administrators may temporarily remove a student from an area for up to two (2) days. A decision regarding the permanent removal of a student (if necessary) from a classroom or area will be made by the Dean of Students.
  • Question: Generally, for what reason(s) should a student be temporarily removed from a class or area?
  • Response: Trespassing; Non-Compliance/Failure to Leave, Health Reasons; Physical Safety Reasons; General Classroom/Area Disorder.
  • Question: What if a student refuses to leave my classroom/area after being warned?
  • Response: If you need assistance with removing a student, notify Campus Police at (415) 239-3200. When requesting assistance, please provide Campus Police with the following information: the name of person calling; location of incident; name of distruptive/non-compliant person; nature of the disruption.
  • Question: What if I have questions about completing a Notice of COSC report?
  • Response: Contact or visit the Office of Student Affairs & Wellness; staff members will be happy to assist you.


To submit a Maxient Code of Student Conduct Report, click on the link below.