College Assesment, Intervention & Response (CAIR) 



What is the CAIR Team?

The CAIR Team is committed to supporting  the wellness of the CCSF campus community. Through the use of best practices in threat assesment, dimensions of overall health, and safety, the team engages in a holistic approach to address and support members of the CCSF community.

Purpose & Action

  • Improve communication across campus (among faculty, classified staff, and administrators) to gather more accurate and detailed information about community members in distress.
  • Identify trends and concerns related to health, wellness, and safety across the CCSF campus community.
  • Identify and implement continuing education and training opportunities for the campus comunity ( e.g., Supporting Students in Distress, Violent Intruder, Review of Policies & Procedures).
  • Implement prevention and intervention strategies to promote health, wellness, and safety.
  • Work collectively to identify community members in distress and identitfy support, resources, and appropriate referrals.