Student Development

The Office of the Vice Chancellor

The Division of Student Development is responsible for Admissions and Records Credit and NonCredit, Financial Aid, Matriculation, Outreach, Student Affairs, Student Health Services, Student Activities, and the following counseling and tutoring departments: Academic Student Counseling, Transfer Counseling, International Student Counseling, Career Counseling, and Learning Assistance.

Making a Difference in Students' Lives

CCSF provides an extensive range of student services through its many student development, counseling and support programs and offices at our many Center locations. These academic, financial, health and student-centered services are designed to support students so they can succeed in all aspects of college life. As a student, you will benefit from our professional administration, faculty and staff who can provide you with the information, understanding and assistance you need to succeed at City College and beyond.

Student Development Administration

  • Interim Vice Chancellor: Samuel Santos
    • Associate Dean Outreach and Recruitment: Alex Guiriba
    • Interim Associate Dean Student Equity: Dr. Laura Lara-Brady
  • Dean Admissions & Records: MaryLou Leyba
    • Associate Dean Admissions & Records: Monika Liu
  • Dean Matriculation & Counseling Services: Lidia Jenkins
    • Associate Dean Matriculation & Assessment: Margaret Sanchez
  • Dean Financial Aid Services & Student Success Programs: Dr. Elizabeth Coria
    • Associate Dean Financial Services & Student Success Programs: Guillermo Villanueva
  • Dean Student Affairs & Wellness: Andrew King
    • Associate Dean Student Activities: (Vacant) 
    • Director Student Health: Becky Perelli

Student Development Quick Link Resources

Academic Counseling Services: Work with counselors to discuss certificate, Associate Degree or Transfer goals. Develop an education plan for your course of study, major or career goal. New, continuing and re-entry students are welcome to visit Conlan Hall 205 (415) 239-3296, or MUB 39, Creative Arts 201, Cloud Hall 207 (415) 452-5235.

Admissions and Records (Credit): Are you returning to the College or in need of an official College transcript? Head for Conlan Hall 107, or call (415) 239-3285.

Admissions and Records (Non-Credit): Are you interested in tuition free classes or vocational training classes? Go to Smith Hall 118B or call (415) 452-7400.

African American Scholastic Programs (AASP): Looking for a comprehensive program that provides bicultural academic counseling, a computer lab and a supportive environment? Go to Rosenberg Library 209, (415) 452-5315. All students are welcome!

Asian Pacific American Student Success Program (APASS): Looking for a comprehensive program that provides bilingual/bicultural academic counseling, a computer lab/study area, and a supportive environment? Go to Batmale Hall 208, (415) 452-5620. All students are welcome!

CalWORKs: Are you a parent receiving/thinking of applying for welfare benefits? We offer counseling, work study, book vouchers, and job search assistance. See us in Cloud Hall 232 or call (415) 452-5700.

Career Counseling: Are you undecided about your major, educational or career interests and goals or need job referrals? Come to MUB 39 for assistance, or call (415) 239- 3117.

Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS): Do you need an accommodation for a physical or psychological disability? Do you have or think you have a learning disability?  DSPS provides counseling, a quiet place for taking exams, a class that teaches learning strategies and a computer lab.  DSPS classes and computer lab are open to all CCSF students. DSPS is located in the Rosenberg Library, Room 323 or Call (415) 452-5481.

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS), CARE: Are you low-income AND educationally disadvantaged (Not eligible for college level math and English; 1st generation college student; emancipated foster youth; a member of an underrepresented ethnic group; or a single parent receiving county cash-aid)? Please come by EOPS to apply for services, or call (415) 239-3562 for more information on application deadline. 

Financial Aid: Federal and State programs are available to help pay for the cost of your education (college fees, books and supplies). Complete the FAFSA application online at Visit us in Cloud 324, or call (415) 239-3577.

Gateway to College Program: Are you a high school drop-out, aged 16-24? Work on your high school diploma and Associate Degree simultaneously! Visit us in the Science Hall 127, call (415) 452-5773 or email us at

Guardian Scholars: A program for current or former foster care students; the program provides academic counseling, book assistance, transportation passes, housing referrals and resources, and other support services. Please come to MUB 298 or call (415) 239-3279.

Homeless At-Risk Transitional Students (HARTS) Program: A program for current or formerly homeless students; the program provides housing referrals and resources, transportation passes, food vouchers, academic counseling, and other support services.  Please come to Student Union MLK Center Room B or call (415) 452-5355.

International Student Counseling:  Have you been admitted to CCSF as an international student on F-1 visa? Specialized counseling and support services in MUB 101, or call (415) 239-3942.

Latino Services Network (LSN): Looking for a comprehensive program that provides bilingual/bicultural academic counseling, a computer lab/study area, and a supportive environment?  Cloud Hall 364, (415) 452-5335. All students are welcome!

Learning Assistance Center (LAC) and College Success Courses: We assist our students in achieving their academic and vocational goals through our academic-support services that include: student-centered peer tutoring, college success courses, workshops and peer-collaborative small groups; an open-access computer lab; and a grant-funded writing project. We are located in the Rosenberg Library, Room 207, 452.5502.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Academic Counseling: Counseling services and information about instructional programs for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students are available in Cloud Hall 207, or call (415) 239-3320.

Matriculation Office: Do you have a question about your English, Math, ESL placement, waiving the placement tests, or course prerequisites? Go to Conlan Hall 204, or call (415) 239-3751.

Outreach Services: Are you interested in a campus tour? Do you have general questions about CCSF? The Office of Outreach Services provides comprehensive college readiness services to new and prospective students. Visit us in MUB 130A or call (415) 239-3255 or email us at

Puente: The Puente program invites all students who seek to complete English 96 and English 1A at CCSF to apply for our yearlong instruction and practice in expository writing focusing around the Latino experience. Enrollment is open to all eligible students.  Call (415) 452-4815.

Registration Center: Do you have questions regarding your registration or tuition fees? Would you like to pay your bill in person? Contact us in Smith Hall 118, or call (415) 239-3732.

Scholarship/Financial Aid Center:  Assist students in applying for scholarships and that are available at CCSF.  See us in MUB 130B or call (415) 239-3339.

Single Stop USA Program: A program that helps connect low income students to existing resources both on and off campus. The program provides three types of services: (1) Benefit screening for programs such as CalFresh, Health Coverage, Child Care Assistance and more, (2) Tax Services and (3) Legal Referrals. Locations: CCSF-Ocean-MUB 101 Room 105, (415) 239-3266; CCSF-Mission Office is in Room 151, (415) 920-6175.

Student Activities Office (SAO): Interested in meeting new people and developing your leadership skills? Join a student club, attend a campus-wide event, or participate in Associated Students! Come by the Student Union 205 or call (415) 239-3212 for information on these and other programs located in the Student Union, including the AS Bookloan Program, Each One Teach One, Family Resource Center, MultiCultural Resource Center, Students Supporting Students (S³), and VIDA.

Student Affairs and Wellness: Do you have questions about the student code of conduct or your rights and responsibilities? Interested in leadership opportunities? Questions about commencement? Come visit Conlan 106 or call (415) 239-3211.

Student Health Services: Are you ill, have a medical or mental health question, need immunizations, or just feel kind of down? Nursing and mental health professionals can help! Visit HC100 or call (415) 239-3110.

Testing Office: Do you want to pick up a copy of your English, Math, or ESL placement results or make an appointment for a computerized placement test? Go to the Testing Office located in Conlan Hall 203, (415) 239-3124.

Transfer Center: Are you seeking help with transfer to earn your bachelor’s degree? You will find assistance, information, and college representatives in Science Hall 132, or by calling (415) 239-3748.

Tulay/Filipino American Student Success Program: Looking for a comprehensive program that provides bilingual/bicultural academic counseling, a computer lab/study area, and a supportive environment? Pumunta kayo sa Cloud Hall 363, (415) 452-5922. All students are welcome!

Veterans Educational Transition Services (VETS): Counseling and support services in Cloud Hall 333. (415) 239-3486. The Veterans Resource Center Cloud Hall 332.

AB540: A state law which exempts certain non-resident students from paying non-resident tuition. To qualify for the exemption, a student must have attended a minimum of three years of high school in California. The student must also have graduated from high school in California or received a High School Equivalency Certificate in California, a GED in California or a California Certificate of Proficiency.