Student Development

The Office of the Vice Chancellor

The Division of Student Development is responsible for Outreach and Recruitment, Student Affairs, Student Health Services, Student Advocacy, Student Activities, and the following counseling and tutoring departments: Continuing Student Counseling, Transfer Counseling, International Student Counseling, Career Counseling, and Learning Assistance.

Making a Difference in Students' Lives

CCSF provides an extensive range of student services through its many student development, counseling and support programs and offices at our many campus locations. These academic, financial, health and student- centered services are designed to support students so they can succeed in all aspects of college life. As a student, you will benefit from our professional administration, faculty and staff who can provide you with the information, understanding and assistance you need to succeed at City College and beyond.

Student Services Quick Link Resources

Continuing Student Counseling (CSCD)

Continuing Student counselors address the needs of continuing students who have completed one year of college or 24 or more units.

Veterans Educational Transition Services (VETS)

The mission of the City College of San Francisco Veterans Educational Transition Services (VETS) center is to serve veteran students with the highest level of efficiency  and dedication in order to enhance their transition from military life into careers through education.

Transfer Counseling Department (TCD)        

The Transfer Center mission is to facilitate City College students' transition to baccalaureate institutions; provide educational planning and assistance for transfer, and coordinate a calendar of university advising and outreach services.

Career Development and Counseling Department (CDCD)  

Undecided about your career goals, program of study or major? Looking for an on or off campus job? Need job search assistance? We can assist you in exploring your educational and career/job options.

International Student Counseling Department (ISCD)  

The International Student Counseling Department (ISCD) provides comprehensive services for all credit international students (F-1 visa holders) enrolled at City College of San Francisco. We understand that it is not always easy to be an international student in the U.S. and it is the ISCD's mission to assist you in meeting the various challenges you may face while at City College. Please explore our home page to learn more about our office, staff, programs and services.

Gateway to College 

Gateway to College is a program at City College of San Francisco that serves students between the ages of 16-20 who have dropped out of high school in San Francisco or may not graduate. Students take courses that help earn credit towards their high school diploma and a college degree or certificate at the same time.


AB540 is a state law which exempts certain non-resident students from paying non-resident tuition. To qualify for the exemption, a student must have attended a minimum of three years of high school in California. The student must also have graduated from high school in California or received a High School Equivalency Certificate in California, a GED in California or a California Certificate of Proficiency.

Student Development Administration

  • Dean Admissions, Records & Outreach: MaryLou Leyba
    • Associate Dean Admission & Records: Monika Liu
  • Dean Matriculation & Counseling Services: Lidia Jenkins
    • Associate Dean Matriculation & Assessment: Margaret Sanchez
  • Dean Financial Aid Services & Student Success Programs: Dr. Elizabeth Coria
    • Associate Dean Financial Services & Student Success Programs: Matias Pouncil
  • Dean Student Affairs & Wellness: Samuel Santos
    • Director Student Health: Elizabeth Perelli
    • Associate Dean Student Activities: Nessa Julian