BCST 120 Audio Production (4)
Lec-52.5, Lab-70

Introduction to the theory and practice of audio production and recording techniques. Fundamentals of sound design, aesthetics, microphones, signal processing, and digital recording. Hands-on experience completing laboratory projects. Students will gain basic knowledge of applied audio concepts, production workflow, equipment functions, audio editing software and career possibilities. CSU


BCST 124 Digital Audio Production (4)

Lec-52.5, Lab-52.5

PREREQ.: BCST 120 and BCST 119 or demonstration of their exit skills.
A hands-on class focusing on technical considerations and content issues required to produce and deliver syndicated program content through podcasting. History of podcast technology and its impact on traditional broadcast media. CSU


BCST 129 Sound For Games and Interactive Media (3)
Lec-35, Lab-70

Aesthetics and hands-on experience in sound design for interactive media. This intermediate course will focus on creating rich, captivating, layers of music, dialog, and ambient backgrounds to enhance the experience of the video game player. The unique workflow and implementation of sound for games will also be explored. CSU


BCST 140 Studio Video Production (3)

Lec-35, Lab-70


Theory and operation of video production equipment and facilities. Video production planning and organization; concept development, and production management. Instruction in camera, audio, lighting, live switching, server operation as well as above-the-line roles such as writer, director, producer, etc. Students acquire knowledge and skills by creating studio-based video programming. CSU 


BCST 144 Digital Video Editing: FCP & Premiere (4)

Lec-52.5, Lab-52.5, field trips

PREREQ.: BCST 119; and BCST 140 or 141 or CINE 24

An introduction to digital video editing for television, video, and multimedia programs using Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro on an Apple Macintosh operating system. This hands-on class focuses on the operation, technology, techniques, and aesthetic process of editing video content with related title and visual effects components. CSU