Apprenticeship Program

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Mission/function statement

Apprenticeship Programs is under the umbrella of the School of Applied Science and Mathematics with Dean David Yee and affirms the Mission Statement of the College and, in particular supports its commitment to excellence in its operations, teaching and learning.



John O’ Connell Campus evolved from adult education programs/classes held at John O’ Connell High School and School of Technology.  The High School and the Campus takes its name from John A. O’Connell, a well known and long time secretary for the San Francisco Labor Council who made a significant contribution to the Trade High School of San Francisco.

The adult classes held John O’Connell High School under the Adult/Vocational Education Division of the San Francisco Unified until this division was transferred to the San Francisco Community College District in 1972.  These adult classes came under a jurisdiction called the John O’Connell Center until the reorganization of 1991 where the Center was renamed the John O’Connell Campus of the City College of San Francisco.

Role of City College of San Francisco in Apprenticeship Programs.

City College of San Francisco is the LEA, Local Education Agency, who provides the classroom-based instruction for the apprenticeship programs.  City College of San Francisco in cooperation with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards and local Joint Apprenticeship Committees (JATC) offers “related training” apprenticeship programs in designated trades or occupations.   Apprenticeship Programs includes Meat Cutting, Plastering, Plumbing, Refrigeration/Air Conditioning, Roofing, Stationary Engineers, Steam Fitting.

Seven program sponsors are partnered with CCSF as described and indicated in terms of length of program, minimum on-the-job training hours, class hours below:

Course               Apprenticeship Occupation                 Program Years        Class Hours
APPR 9710        Meat Cutting Appr                                      1                            144
APPR 9713        Plasterers                                                   4                            576
APPR 9714        Plumbers                                                    5                            1080-1286
APPR 9715        Refrig/Air Con Appr                                    5                           1080-1286
APPR 9721        Steam Fitting Appr                                     5                            1080-1286    
APPR 9716        Roofers    /Waterproofing Appr                3.5                        378
APPR 9720        Stationary Engin Appr                                4                           670-864

Upon successful completion of apprenticeship training, they are issued a “Certificate of Completion: by the State of California Department of Industrial Relations California Apprenticeship Council.

Persons interested in seeking apprentice status and enrollment in apprenticeship “ related training” classes listed in the CCSF catalog should contact the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Apprenticeship Standards or the local sponsoring Joint Apprenticeship Committee.  For further information, please contact the Apprenticeship Department at the City College of San Francisco at (415) 550-4453, or by inquiring with the individual apprenticeship program offices listed below:  For more information, please refer to the Apprenticeship website at

Apprenticeship Training.

Apprenticeship is designed to prepare an individual, generally a high school graduate, for
occupations in the skilled trades and crafts.

Apprentices attend classes of related technical instruction, usually in the public schools.  This instruction, supplementing the training on the job, gives apprentices a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical aspects of their work.  Related instruction is one of the fundamental features in every trade. For example, in most cases this means attending classes at night 4 hours each week, for at least 144 hours a year.  The instruction includes such subjects as safety laws and regulations, mathematics, drafting, blueprint reading and other sciences connected with the trade.

Each apprentice signs an apprentice agreement either with a JAC or an individual employer.  This agreement is filed with the Division of Apprenticeship Standards.

Apprenticeship is similar to college in that it may take one year or as many as seven years to
complete a program depending on which trades is chosen.  However, there are several
differences between college and an apprenticeship:

•   An apprentice is an employee who receives an hourly wage and other benefits while learning a craft/trade. Benefits such as safe       working conditions, health insurance, and pension plans.
•   The vast majority of training occurs on-the-job, and is supplemented by classroom instruction by CCSF.
•   The apprentice works side by side with an experienced craftsperson or “journeyperson”.
•   Employers (management) and Workers (labor) join together to design the length and structure of apprentice training in the                particular trade.

Apprenticeship on-the-job training or work experience is not offered by the College.  Persons interested in seeking apprentice status and enrollment in apprenticeship “related training” classes listed in the catalog are requested to contact the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Apprenticeship Standards or the local sponsoring joint apprenticeship committee.