Business Noncredit DTN-CTR

Business Tech & Business English Comunication

Getting Started

Course Subject Areas

Noncredit business and computer classes provide opportunities to learn new skills and enhance existing knowledge. Computer classes are “hands-on” to allow you to practice each new concept as you go along, with lab hours provided for additional practice.

Certificate Programs & Job Preparation

Business Technology certificates provide industry standard computer job training required in todays competitive job market. Compete for employment by learning the business language and skills of Microsoft Office Productivity, Google App Producitivity, Adobe Producitivity, and QuickBooks for Accounting.  Programs can be completed in one or two semesters.

All program certificate students must complete 80% of course work, attain a passing grade, meet all exit requirements, and MUST maintain Program Planning Guides at all times. Change of grades, course waivers, or requesting a test out to any course requires that you maintain the Program Planning Guide each semester.  You will be asked to bring a printout of your classes and grades, readily available on Web4. 

How to Enroll

Some classes allow registration in class, however new students must complete an application to enroll in the college. Program certificate students are required to meet with a counselor to officiate program enrollment.  Registration can be completed during the counseling appointment. Financial Aid is available for certificate programs that exceed 600 hours. You may also call the Financial Aid Office at (415) 239-3577.

Software / Hardware

Business Technolog is housed in five computer labs situated on the 5th floor.  Each computer lab is equipped with 27-34 computer workstations, fast laser printers, and high resolution scanners.  Computer system units are equipped with DVD Burners, USB Ports, Intel Dual Processors, and super fast Internet service. Free WiFi is available throughout the building.