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The Sociology Department at City College of San Francisco offers extraordinary ways of looking at the way you and others live, work, and socialize in groups and organizations. You will have the unique opportunity to study a full range of social interaction, from individual social expression to revolutionary social movement; from the evolution of organized and stable religious groups to the formation of cults. And you’ll look at the changing forms of “community” as urban and rural life continue to rapidly evolve. As you study economic systems, technology, culture, religion, gender, and social in equality, we’ll help you make the link between individual action and larger social processes.


SOC 50. Introduction to Human Services (3)
Lec-3   P/NP Available
heory and practice of the human service professions. Provides basic knowledge of the history and social science foundations of the field along with current practices, the roles and activities of the human service professional and legal and ethical issues pertinent to practice. CSU