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Take English and math placement tests with confidence!

Refresh the skills you have:  If you have been away from math, English, or tests in general, it helps to refresh your skills prior to taking placement tests.Your placement test score will determine whether or how many units of preparatory coursework you need to take before signing up for transfer level math and English.

Avoid unnecessary preparatory coursework: It helps to prepare for the placement tests in order to place higher and avoid unnecessary preparatory coursework.

CCSF is offering English and math placement test refresher workshops this Fall 2017 at our Civic Center location. Refresher workshops are ideal for returning students who need to brush up their skills, be reminded of test taking strategies, and gain confidence. 

Be sure to look closely at the details below - especially the links to register:


Space is limited in English Refresher Workshops. All students will need to register in advance for each workshop:

Wednesday September 27th - 6 to 9:30 pm. Register HERE space is limited

Monday October 2nd - 6 to 9:30 pm. Register HERE space is limited

Wednesday October 11th - 6 to 9:30 pm. Register HERE space is limited


Space is not limited in Math Refresher Workshops. Please RSVP so that we can plan ahead. You can RSVP for some or all math workshops HERE. All math Refresher Workshops will be held at Civic Center from 6-9:30 pm. 

Wednesday Oct. 11th - Content A (Development of number sense through exploration) plus Content F2 (Applications involving percents)

Monday Oct. 16th - Content B (Numerical expressions) plus Content F4 (Translating English statements into mathematical ones and vice versa)

Wednesday Oct. 25th - Content C (Introduction to variables, algebraic expressions, and formulas) plus F3 (Applications involving perimeter and area of a rectangle)

Wednesday Nov. 1st  - Content D (Linear equations) plus F5 (Applications involving rates)

Wednesday Nov. 8th  - Content E (Measurement and unit conversion) plus F1 (Applications involving proportion) 

Monday Nov. 13th - Content F (Problem Solving) with an emphasis on F6 (Using number sense to pick an appropriate solution and determine if an answer makes sense)


Information about English and Math placement test results:

If you placed into English 88 or Math 60, you can fulfill these requirements taking evening classes at our Ocean Campus:

English 88 is a 6 unit course designed to prepare students for direct placement into transfer level English 1A: College Composition.

Math 60 is a 5 unit Intermediate Algebra course that provides the skills necessary to succeed in transfer level statistics.

Taken together, these courses prepare students for college success  in just one semester.

Or, if you only need to take either English 88 or Math 60, you can complete this preparation while also taking classes that apply directly to your degree.

CCSF counselors can help you decide what is best for you.

We are here to help! Contact us at:


Additional Study Guides for Preparing for English and Math Placement Tests:

 You can find review questions for the placement tests here:

Sample Test Questions.

Additional Study Material and Online Practice Math Test

Accuplacer Resources

Accuplacer Prep Test 

Khan Academy

If you are using Khan Academy or other Youtube sites to independently study math in preparation for retaking the math placement test, here are the topics in each of Math 30 and Math 45 to look up and practice. Remember, the goal is to refresh some skills that you may have forgotten so that you place as high as you can and avoid extra preparation courses that you might not need:

Math 30: Prealgegra
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of signed numbers. Number fluency with conversions between fractions decimals and percents. Order of operations, natural number exponents, and square roots. Simplyfying and evaluating algebraic expressions and solving single-variable linear equations. Applications involving measurements, rates, rations, proportions, percents, perimeter, and area. 

Math 45: Preparation for Statistics
Algebra necessary for college-level statistics, including variables, formulas, and linear equations. Rations, rates, and proportional reasoning; fractions, decimals and percents; evaluating expressions; analyzing algeraic forms of statistical measures; modeling bivariate data with trend lines; graphical and numerical descriptive techniques for quantitative and categorical data. 

There are also math prep videos on YouTube for Math E review made by a CCSF instructor. You can find chapter 1 here (and then the rest of the chapters can be found from there):


Essential Mathematics: Placement Test #1 (Chapter 1)

Placement Test #1 - Math E - CCSF Chapter 1 (Problems 1 - 10)


Another online resource is Khan Academy. They have multiple resources aimed at more immediate level Math skills, a useful math page is this one:


Find study materials & tips for placement test prep ...

If you’d like to encourage students to use Khan Academy to brush up on their college math, we recommend taking the following steps. Download our guide to Khan ...


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