Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the workshop lettering system changed, and what is it now?
We have merged and changed previous workshops and the lettering system so that learners earn a badge with the title of the concept learned and achieved.

I heard that I have to enroll in the workshops in order to complete them. Where and how do I enroll? 
To begin the workshops for the first time, (1) click the Start Workshop button on the Library Workshops page (2) Log in using your RAM ID. (3) Click on “Enroll in Course”. Need visuals? Try this pdf.

How do I complete a workshop?
You will need to enroll in the “Library Skills Workshops (SP 2017)” course in Canvas using your RAM ID. Don’t worry. It’s not a credit course. If you have already enrolled, you can return to the workshops via Canvas (and logging in with your RAM ID). For each workshop, you must read and view all the content, then complete the quiz at the end to earn the badge of completion.

In which order should I take the workshops?
Workshops are now based on information competency concepts which can be taken in any combination or order. However, the Library recommends taking them in the following order:

  • Understanding Information Types & Formats (prerequisite to Using Library Resources)
  • Using Library Resources
  • Integrating Evidence (MLA) and Avoiding Plagiarism and/or Integrating Evidence (APA) and Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Evaluating Information Sources
  • Research Process Capstone (must have first completed Using Library Resources, Evaluating Information Resources, and Integrating Evidence and Avoiding Plagiarism (MLA or APA))

The A, G and C workshops are missing that I need to have completed. How do I complete them?
The A workshop material has been combined into the Using Library Resources workshop. CCSF librarians are revising the G and C workshops and will be releasing modified versions of them in Fall 2017.

How do I get a completion slip? Do I need to print my own?
At the end of each workshop, learners will earn a badge that is labeled with their CCSF email address and workshop title. Badges can be printed out. Librarians can also issue a completion slip at any reference desk with a proof of identification.

Are there any workshops I can take in-person?
No, all workshops must be completed online in Canvas. If you need help with the workshop, contact a librarian or visit any CCSF Library reference desk.

Does the library keep my completion information?
Your CCSF Canvas account will now contain all of your completed online workshop badges. However, completion slips for workshops from semesters before Spring 2017 can be issued by a CCSF reference librarian.