Library Information Skills Course(s)


LIS 10: Use of Information Resources

LIS 10: Use of Information Resources  is a one unit, transferable, short term, online course that is great for all students because it teaches information competency and research skills vital to college success. Specifically, LIS 10 teaches students about the variety of information research tools available and how to turn an information need or research topic into a clear statement with useful keywords for searching. Students learn the techniques for conducting effective search strategies of the CCSF online catalog, online periodical databases, web and other reference and research tools, as well as how to obtain, evaluate and correctly cite information resources for projects and papers to avoid plagiarism.

Term: Fall 2018
CRN: 76476
Instructor: Andrea Niosi
Dates: 8/27-10/28

Term: Fall 2018
CRN: 78331
Instructor: Lisa Velarde
Dates: 10/22-12/20

After successfully completing the course, students are able to:

  • Identify information formats and the ways we share them.
  • Formulate viable research questions.
  • Employ effective search strategies across a variety of search tools.
  • Critically evaluate the authority and relevance of information sources.
  • Practice ethical use of information.

Contact Lisa Velarde, Information Competency and Curriculum Librarian, for more information about this course.