Literatura Chicana

A Bibliography of Creative and Critical Mexican American Writings through 1996

Compiled by

João C. Barretto,

Roberto G. Trujillo

and Andrés Rodríguez

The 1985 publication of the original version of this bibliography entitled Literatura Chicana : Creative and Critical Writings Through 1984(Oakland, CA, Floricanto Press) resulted in the first comprehensive bibliography of creative and critical Mexican American writings. With this revised and updated edition containing more than twice the original number of citations, it is evident that this field of writing has proliferated over the past decade. This extraordinary increase is detailed in Dr. Luis Leal's introduction to this second edition of Literatura Chicana. In order to preserve the critical analysis from Dr. Leal's introduction to the original edition, we have chosen to include it for the reader's benefit as a precursor to his introduction to the second edition.

We have made this edition available for download over the web to allow for an inexpensive delivery of the document to anyone or any institution wishing to acquire and utilize it for research and collection development purposes. Please be aware, however, that this document has been copyrighted by the compilers, and as such, has proprietary status and restrictions in its methods of reproduction and delivery. Please read the copyright statement which appears just before the "Table of Contents" of the document.

We have tried, as much as possible, to transfer the format of the first edition to this updated work and are pleased with the results. As in the first edition, we have utilized a modified MLA format for the citations which include pagination information and other pieces of bibliographic data we felt would be useful to the researcher in identifying different editions of a particular title or translations of original works. For this second edition, we have also chosen to create a combined author/title index instead of continuing with separate author and title indexes, as was done in the first edition. We would like to acknowledge limitations to the present edition. We do not attempt to include literary or critical works published within journals or periodicals nor do we list manuscript source collections. We have also not attempted comprehensiveness in listing works within the category of "Literatura Chicanesca."

We hope that this bibliography will primarily serve a two-fold purpose - first, as a research and discovery tool for all who wish to explore the richness and complexities of this literature, and secondly, as a collection development tool which libraries may use to identify Chicano literature titles for inclusion into their collections.

The document is available as Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) files. There are five parts that may be downloaded, viewed and printed via Adobe's free Acrobat Reader (we suggest that you use version 3.01 or higher to achieve maximum compatibility), and, finally, collated into one document, which may then be bound and catalogued, if it is to be added to a library's collection. They are: the front cover, the table of contents, the prefaces and introductions, the body and index of the work, and the back cover. Below are the links to obtaining the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you do not already have this, for your appropriate computing platform, i.e. Macintosh, Windows 3.1, 95 or NT, and the various incarnations of UNIX, and to the five Acrobat PDF files comprising the document. The cataloguing record for this work already appears in OCLC for the benefit of those libraries wishing to acquire it.

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